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Call us on
Gerry Trainor (Sales Manager)
07595 335636
Email (Gerry Trainor)
Cathy Mahood (Finance Director)
07592 318145
Email (Cathy Mahood)
Robert Flanagan (Account Manager)
07971 907773
Email (Robert Flanagan)
Dave McClune (Account Manager)
07795 522248
Email (Dave McClune)
Ella Cheeseman (Administrator)
07802 688471
Email (Ella Cheeseman)


About Us
Thank you for visiting Contraflex, your friendly, flexible, local vehicle leasing specialists.

Let's face it, customers don't come off the shelf, so we won't offer you an off the shelf leasing package. Instead, we take time to get to know you, to understand your vehicle requirements and your financial situation. Then we examine the whole-of-life costs for a range of vehicles, and tailor a leasing arrangement that delivers the optimum cost/benefit returns. Indeed, in most cases we'll give you a range of options, so you have the freedom to choose the vehicle and the terms that best suit you. And remember, whether you a commercial and a private client, we look after you with identical care and attention to detail, should you require one vehicle, or one hundred.

Contraflex has a record of almost 20 years solid, ethical trading in Northern Ireland, during which we have developed strong relationships with local banks and financial institutions. This means we are ideally placed to help you to secure a competitive rate, with a leasing package that improves your cash flow and removes the hassle of running your vehicle or fleet.
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